Here is the most complete OCS application checklist that I can find taken from


The following documents are required as part of the OCS application. These requirements can be found in the governing Army Regulations (AR), AR 350-51 (U.S. Army Officer Candidate School) (previously AR 351-5)).
1. Chain of command endorsements: Company and Battalion Commanders must use DA Form 61 (Application for Appointment) for endorsements. All others should be included on a separate sheet of paper. If request for waivers are submitted with the application the forwarding endorsement from the Personnel Service Battalion (PSB) should include a recommendation.

2. Official photograph: Soldier must be in uniform.

3. DA Form 61 (Application for Appointment). Must be original. Copies will not be accepted. There is space on this form for chain of command endorsements – Company (CO) & Battalion (BN) CO must use this space. USE OF THE AUTOMATED FORM IS ENCOURAGED. In item 41, Remarks, indicate any leadership positions (Captain of football/baseball/soccer teams, editor of school newspaper, etc) or awards, (honor graduate, outstanding athlete, etc) that you held/received in civilian life and date received. See NOTE below for branch choices.

4. Waivers. (All waivers submitted on a DA Form 4187 signed by soldier and immediate CO. Multiple waiver requests may be consolidated on one DA Form 4187.)

a. AGE – Soldiers 30 – 34 must request an age waiver. A simple statement such as “I request a waiver of age in order to be considered for OCS.” is sufficient.

b. TIME IN SERVICE – Soldiers with 10 or more years active federal service must request a TIS waiver. The following must be stated: “I request a waiver of TIS in order to be considered for OCS. I understand that I may be required to retire after completing 20 years active Federal service and that I may not retire as a commissioned officer unless I have completed 10 years active Federal commissioned service.”

c. OFFENSES – Soldiers who have had civil or military offenses must request a waiver. A simple statement such as “I request a waiver of the following offense(s) in order to be considered for OCS:” Indicate the offense, date and place it occurred and the punishment imposed. The applicant must submit a paragraph explaining circumstances of offense.

d. COMMISSIONED Warrant Service – Warrant Officers who are commissioned must request a waiver of commissioned service. A simple statement such as “I was commissioned on (date) and request a waiver in order to be eligible for OCS consideration.”

5. Copies of ALL college transcripts.

Minimum requirement – 90 semester hours from accredited college(s). This minimum is not waiveable.

– NO BACCALAUREATE DEGREE – Submit ALL transcripts and a statement from installation education center that transcripts have been reviewed, total number of nonduplicate semester hours completed and overall Grade Point Average (GPA).

– BACCALAUREATE DEGREE – Submit transcript which must state degree was awarded and contain final GPA – If transcript does not state degree was awarded also submit a copy of the degree certificate. If the transcript does not contain overall GPA, also submit a statement from education center showing what amount the GPA should show.

ACE, CLEP, DANTES, should be listed on a college transcript to ensure college acceptability.

A soldier who does not have a baccalaureate degree must include the following statement in item 41 of the DA Form 61: “I understand that in order to be promoted to the grade of Captain, I must possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.”

6. ACT or SAT results.(original or copy – ACT/SAT should not be over 6 years old.)

** 90 or more hours of college but no degree – SAT/ACT required.

** 90 or more hours of college which includes an Associate Degree – SAT/ACT required.

** Baccalaureate or higher degree – no SAT/ACT needed.

7. Completed DA Form 5339-R (Commanders Evaluation).

8. Copy of DA Form 705 with at least 2 PT test results recorded.

9. Original statement of height and weight of soldier from commander (unless listed in commander’s comments on the DA Form 61 or on the DA Form 5339-R). (Statement must give exact height & weight and meet standards of AR 600-9.).

10. Bodyfat statement, if necessary.

11. Letters of recommendation (original or copies). Do not exceed 4 and each should not exceed 1-page in length. These letters are optional and must not be over 1-year old.

12. DA Form 1059 (PLDC, BNCOC, ANCOC evaluations)(optional).

13. DA Form 2A or 2B (Personnel Qualification Record)(Form must be current).

14. DA Form 2-1 (Personnel Qualification Record Part II).

14a. The Enlisted Record Brief – In lieu of 13 & 14 above this form may be submitted provided it contains the GT score and provided it is up to date. Officer Record Brief (ORB) for warrant officers.

15. Original completed DA Form 483 (Officer Preference Statement). An alternate form is DA Form 4255-R (If this form is used, DO NOT COMPLETE items 4 & 17. In item 5b indicate your complete MILITARY address & telephone. Item 14, check OTHER and enter OCS. Item 15, check USAR. Item 16, check 3-years).

16. Original completed DA Form 4322-R (OCS Contract).

17. An original, signed, verification statement of INTERIM or FINAL SECRET security clearance. Or a copy of DA Form 873 (authorized for this purpose). If clearance initiated, a copy of the Electronic Questionnaire for National Security Positions (EPSQ) receipt from the U.S. Army Central Clearance Facility (CCF) web site indicating receipt/status of the EPSQ for a security clearance. If you intend to apply for OCS and do not have a security clearance, see your Security Officer IMMEDIATELY to initiate a security request. THIS IS ESSENTIAL AND MUST BE TOP PRIORITY.

18. Proof of citizenship for applicants who were NOT born in the USA. (A statement from the personnel officer he has seen birth certificate/naturalization statement giving date of naturalization and number is acceptable.)

19. Qualifying physical. Copy of SF 88 (purpose of physical is APPOINTMENT or COMMISSION or OCS). Item 46 EXAMINEE should have statement that you are QUALIFIED FOR APPOINTMENT UP CHAPT 2, AR 40-501.) (Will accept physicals up to 12-months old provided no changes have occurred since taking physical.) NOTE: All soldiers going to OCS MUST be able to do physical fitness to include running. They should not have a permanent physical profile that would preclude physical fitness training. NOTE2: DD Forms 2807-1 and 2808 are replacing SF 93 & 88. If this new physical examination is used, purpose of physical is commission and other (specify OCS under other).

20. Test results for qualification: GT score = 110+; SAT = 850+; or ACT = 19+.


21. DD Form 785 (if necessary).

22. Do not submit anything that is not listed above.


All soldiers must appear before a structure interview consisting of a minimum of three officers in the grade of Captain or higher – this is mandatory. Normally this is arranged by the servicing personnel unit; however, a command having GCMCA may appoint a board for this purpose. Membership should include female and minority. Each interview member must submit their evaluation with the application (i.e.: there must be 3 TARGETED DIMENSIONS sheets for each soldier interviewed.) Comments on the TARGETED DIMENSION page and a ranking of those interviewed are desired.

The soldier must write an essay on standard size paper (one side only) on “Why I want to be an Army Officer?” prior to the board interview.

All applications should be sent to servicing personnel unit for final processing prior to forwarding to HRC (AHRC-OPD-A).


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